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Colocation of a server is a wonderfully flexible way of maintaining your server.  You opt for the hardware and software you wish to have and the colocation hosting maintains the server by providing space at their dedicated facility, and maintaining the internet connection, power supply, air conditioning as well as taking care of all other aspects. The only thing you would be doing is paying for the rack space and upkeep of the server while it resides at the colocated hosting premises.

There is plenty of competition in the colocation server hosting space and you will need to wade through many before finding the perfect one for you. Our web hosting directory brings together several colocation services at one place to ensure ease of choice for you.

Colocation hosting is a good option for you as a webmaster, if you wish to own your very own server and can afford to have someone else maintain it for you at their premises. This is advantageous when the required infrastructure is not in place and it also saves you plenty of time in maintenance too.

With so many colocation hosts around, a colocation host can stand out as the service of choice by joining our web hosting directory. As our visitors search for the best colocation services, we make finding you easier. 

Whether you are a webmaster looking for a good host or a collocation host looking for customers, we strive to ensure that our web hosting directory services bridge the gap.