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Resellers are middlemen who use the hosting company’s infrastructure to sell hosting plans offered by the original host.  Why would you want to get hosting from a reseller host when you can utilize the services of the main host? The answer is simple. A web hosting reseller buys hosting packages from a hosting company and is free to sell them for a price of their choice. As a webmaster, this helps you get cheap reseller hosting. 

Resellers hosting has proved to be so profitable that it attracts several web hosting resellers and you would be lost in a maze trying to find the best reseller hosting. We come to your rescue by bringing many reseller hosting providers under one roof.  Time you found the best reseller hosting suitable for you.

If you wish to be part of the savvy crowd and sell resell hosting, you will do good to compare between web hosts offering reseller plans and understand what control you are given and how many clients you are allowed to add per account. Look at the upgrade options in terms of bandwidth, space, domain registration etc.

The best part about reselling hosting is that you don’t need to be technically savvy nor do you need a huge upfront investment. All you need is a computer with a good internet connection. Use our web hosting directory resources and be a part of the thousands of people earning big money as web hosting resellers.  It has never been easier.