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Fed up with shared hosting but cannot afford dedicated hosting?  Luckily for you, virtual private servers bridge that gap.  A virtual private server is similar to a dedicated server; albeit with a major difference – the cost advantage. 

In VPS servers, several accounts are created on a single server and the server resources such as the CPU and memory are split in such a way that all these accounts get their very own server.   Each account is given a specific amount of system resources.  In other words, webmasters get their own dedicated servers without actually paying the cost of a dedicated server, and our web hosting directory has managed to bring together many such VPS hosting providers just for you.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the virtual private server hosting companies that offer great performance and security, while letting you have the full control of a dedicated hosting service. You are the administrator for your part of the server.  Reduce your learning curve by going with the control panel of your choice.  Customize your own software. Enjoy greater privacy. Compare the guaranteed resources dedicated to you in the virtual servers brought to you by the best VPS hosting providers. Compare the number of accounts on a single server.  Go with the host offering everything you need.

Explore the advantages of virtual server web hosting, if you want to enjoy the advantages of dedicated servers but do not need all the resources or the expenses that go with them.