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  • Initial Thoughts on Google’s Page Speed Service
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    Whether you’re a brand new blogger or an experienced webmaster, you know that page speed matters. Visitors want your Web pages to load quickly. They won’t sit around waiting on information anymore. We live in an instant gratification world. Now … read more

  • Is Your Web Hosting Company on Twitter? These Ones Are!
    by J. Mattern on 2 Comments

    Whether you’re happy with your existing hosting company or you’re looking for a new host, it’s a good idea to choose one where employees communicate effectively with customers. One way some hosting companies are interacting with customers these days is … read more

  • Rackspace
    by J. Mattern on 1 Comment

    Overall RatingFeaturesPriceCustomer ServiceReliabilityUptimeEase of UseMany Web hosting companies you commonly see advertising target smaller site owners with shared hosting packages. But what happens if you need to host an e-commerce site or large corporate Web presence? Then you turn to … read more

  • Revisiting “Unlimited” Web Hosts
    by J. Mattern on 2 Comments

    Not long ago I wrote a post here in defense of unlimited Web hosting companies. I wrote that post while I was a relatively happy customer with an “unlimited” shared hosting provider for a few of my blogs. Wow, how … read more

  • Lunarpages
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    Overall RatingFeaturesPriceCustomer ServiceReliabilityUptimeEase of UseLunarpages is a popular Web hosting company featuring solutions for everyone from a first-time blogger to those with a need for a dedicated corporate presence. With plans ranging from $3.95 per month for basic shared hosting … read more

  • 5 Downsides to Switching Web Hosting Companies
    by J. Mattern on 5 Comments

    I’m becoming a bit of an unwilling “expert” at switching Web hosting companies lately. I left Host A and split those sites between Host B and Host C. I’m already having problems with Host B and considering finding yet another … read more

  • What to Do When Your Hosting Company’s Tech Support is Clueless
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    As a website owner it might be one of your biggest fears — clueless tech support reps through your hosting company. After all, there’s plenty that can go wrong with your Web host. You need to feel confident that their … read more

  • HostGator
    by J. Mattern on 2 Comments

    Review is for Web hosting plans from Here you can find information about HostGator’s shared Web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers including some of the most popular hosting features you might be interested in as well as pricing. read more

  • 150 Web Hosting Resources
    by J. Mattern on 8 Comments

    Are you looking for a new Web hosting company? Do you want to make money by promoting the affiliate programs of those hosting companies? Would you like to learn more about hosting issues by reading Web hosting blogs? Then look … read more

  • A Beginner’s Web Hosting Checklist
    by J. Mattern on 2 Comments

    Are you about to launch your first website or blog? If so (and if you choose to self-host), you’ll need a domain name and Web hosting company to get your site online. What should you look for in a Web … read more