Privacy Policy

Web Hosting Directory, feels strongly that your information and rights must be protected. To this end, we have prepared the following privacy policy to ensure all measures are taken to protect the interests of our visitors and provide a more pleasant site experience.

Personal Information

Web Hosting Directory is the sole owner of information collected on the website,

Web Hosting Directory collects and uses personal in various ways including submission forms, registration, order forms, and emails.

The information collected is used for specific business purposes and is not sold or distributed to any third parties. It is used only for the purposes which the visitor intended, be it site review, ad placement, etc… The primary exception to this policy would be if information were required to be distributed to any law enforcement person or agency as required by local laws.

Payment information is processed through a third party credit card processor and is not collected by Web Hosting Directory. This processor does not share, sell or otherwise use personal information for secondary purposes.

Information is stored in user profiles. We do not use computer generated information, such as IP addresses, to seek additional personal information.

All personal information is protected and used only by those utilizing the information for the specified business purpose.

We do, however, share aggregate information such as page views, browsers, unique visits and other broad information with our partners and advertisers. No personal information is shared.

If a user’s information should change, such as email address, living address, phone number or the user wishes to unsubscribe from the service, the user is able to make these changes on the website by contacting us.

Website Communications

Users will only be sent communications by choice, and those wishing to unsubscribe from any communications can do so by contacting us directly.

Website Security

We do our absolute best to protect our website from unlawful or unethical breaches in security. We take advantage of every measure available to protect our users’ personal information both online and off. Please contact us for any additional questions on information security.

Third Parties

Web Hosting Directory contains links to other websites including submitted sites and advertisers. We screen these websites as much as possible to protect the interest of our visitors. However we are not responsible for the privacy of visitors or the use of collected information on these websites. We strongly encourage users to read the privacy policies on any website visited.

Policy Changes

Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted within this document as well as on the homepage and any other pertinent location. It is important to us that our users be aware of any and all policies regarding the policies for collection and use of their information. Information will be used in the manner under which it was originally collected.

Our privacy policy extends only to this website,