150 Web Hosting Resources

Are you looking for a new Web hosting company? Do you want to make money by promoting the affiliate programs of those hosting companies? Would you like to learn more about hosting issues by reading Web hosting blogs? Then look no further!

We’ve compiled a huge list of Web hosting resources for you below. Here you can find a list of hosting affiliate programs, Web hosting blogs, hosting and domain forums, hosting companies that you can follow on Twitter, and more. If you’d like to let readers know about additional Web hosting resources, feel free to leave a comment.

28 Hosting and Domain Affiliate Programs


If you want to make money by promoting Web hosting packages or domain registrars, this list might come in handy. The following is a list of some of the bigger Web hosting companies and domain name registrars offering affiliate programs that let you earn money by promoting them. (Note: You might have to be a user of a larger affiliate network to become an affiliate of some of these companies.)

30 Web Hosting Blogs


Here’s a list of Web hosting blogs where you can learn more about Web hosting companies or managing the hosting of your website(s).

50 Web Hosts and Domain Registrars on Twitter


If you’d like up-to-the-minute Web hosting news, consider following these Web hosting companies on Twitter.

32 Web Hosting and Domain Name Forums


Do you want to ask Web hosting questions or get in on hosting discussions? Then join one of these Web hosting forums where you can talk to hosting companies and other website owners or learn more about domain names.

10 Web Analytics Tools


If you don’t want to dig through raw server logs and you aren’t satisfied with the analytics / website statistics package that came with your hosting account (if any), try one of these Web analytics tools on for size.

It’s impossible to assemble a truly exhaustive list of hosting resources because worldwide there are just too many to count. Hopefully this list of 150 hosting resources gives you a good starting point in connecting with hosting companies, getting hosting advice, and tracking the websites you host. Feel free to leave a comment including other resources that you think readers might be interested in besides the ones in the official list above.

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