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  • Will an Overseas Host Hurt Your Site’s Rankings?
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    Recently I decided to switch Web hosting companies (again — I don’t seem to have much luck with them). I agonized over the decision. One of my concerns at the time was that I’d heard hosting overseas could hurt your … read more

  • KnownHost
    by J. Mattern on 1 Comment

    Overall RatingFeaturesPriceCustomer ServiceReliabilityUptimeEase of UseAre you looking for your first Web hosting company for your business, or maybe looking to move from an older shared hosting account? Moving to a new host can be a hassle, so you’ll want to … read more

  • 5 Tips for Comparing Web Hosting Companies
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    Whether you’re preparing to launch your first website or you’re interested in changing hosts (due to problems or growth greater than your existing plan can handle), it’s important to compare Web hosting companies. Never simply sign up because an offer … read more

  • Web Hosting Hub
    by J. Mattern on 31 Comments

    Overall RatingFeaturesPriceCustomer ServiceReliabilityUptimeEase of UseWhen comparing shared hosting options, what do you look for? Do you want open access to support whenever you need it? Do you want to be able to host an unlimited number of small sites without … read more

  • InMotion Hosting
    by J. Mattern on 12 Comments

    Overall RatingFeaturesPriceCustomer ServiceReliabilityUptimeEase of UseWhen it comes to choosing the right Web hosting company, one of the biggest considerations is technical support. You don’t want to be left with your sites offline for hours or even days while you try … read more

  • Are .co Domains Worth Having (Yet)?
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    The .co extension has been available for domain registrations for a while now. But is it really worth registering domains with this TLD (which technically stands for Columbia)? Some webmasters rushed to register popular keyword phrases in their .co form … read more

  • Do You Really Need Private Domain Registrations?
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    When you register a domain name for your business, your contact information will go into a public directory called a WHOIS database. This is a database of the people or companies that currently control specific domain names. It can be … read more

  • 5 Reasons to Fear Your Web Hosting Provider
    by J. Mattern on 2 Comments

    Credit: You know, when I originally planned this post to talk about reasons you might fear your Web hosting company, I meant for it to be a humorous and exaggerated look at misconceptions and occasionally irrational fears newbie webmasters … read more

  • Yahoo
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    Overall RatingFeaturesPriceCustomer ServiceReliabilityUptimeEase of UseYahoo! may be a trusted brand in search and other online services, but did you know they also offer small business Web hosting? While they currently only offer one hosting package, it’s tailored to the needs … read more

  • In Defense of “Unlimited” Web Hosting Plans
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    I’ve seen a lot of downright hatred towards Web hosting companies — especially on forums — which offer “unlimited” Web hosting plans. I think some of that criticism is a bit unfair. And while I know it might make me … read more

  • Website Rebranding Challenges: Five Tips
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    What happens when your website’s brand becomes stale? What if you face and overcome a PR nightmare, but your brand image remains tarnished, making it difficult to fully regain former trust and standing in your industry? What if the scope … read more

  • Good Uses for .CO Domain Names
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    The first round of renewals for .co domain names has come and gone. While we haven’t quite seen the next domain gold rush yet, these domains have gotten a bit of attention. And whether you already have .co domains or … read more