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When it comes to choosing the right Web hosting company, one of the biggest considerations is technical support. You don’t want to be left with your sites offline for hours or even days while you try to reach your host’s support department. That’s why 24/7 support is so important.

Even more important are the support options available to you. The more the better. Sometimes you need to speak with a person directly to get a quick answer to a question. At other times you’ll be too busy for a call or live chat session, so you want to know that you can send an email and get good support that way too. InMotion Hosting is a great example of a host that covers all the bases in the support department.


Here are some of the features of KnownHost’s managed hosting packages.

Control Panel: InMotion Hosting accounts use the cPanel control panel.

Uptime: InMotion Hosting offers 99.9% uptime on its servers.

Support: InMotion Hosting offers an impressive array of technical support options, including 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support.

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Server Space Bandwidth per month Domains Allowed* Price per Month
Business Class Shared Hosting
Launch Unlimited Unlimited 2 $5.95 – $6.95 / mo (prepaid for 24 or 12 months)
Power Unlimited Unlimited 6 $7.95 – $8.95 / mo (prepaid for 24 or 12 months)
Pro Unlimited Unlimited 25 $17.95 per mo (less with 12 – 24 month commitments)
VPS-1000 40 GB RAID-10 750 GB Unlimited $29.95 – $39.95 / mo (depending on contract length)
VPS-2000 80 GB RAID-10 1500 GB Unlimited $49.95 – $69.95 / mo (depending on contract length)
VPS-3000 160 GB RAID-10 2500 GB Unlimited $74.95 – $89.95 / mo (depending on contract length)
Dedicated Servers†
Essential 2 x 160 GB 4.0 TB Unlimited $119.95 – $149.95 / mo (depending on contract length)
Advanced 500 GB 6.0 TB Unlimited $139.95 – $179.95 / mo (depending on contract length)
Elite 500 GB 8.0 TB Unlimited $189.95 – $229.95 / mo (depending on contract length)

* Domains included are only live sites / hosted domains. Shared accounts may offer more domain support for parked domains.

† If you need greater resources, InMotion Hosting also offers commercial class dedicated servers.

InMotion Hosting Pros

One of the biggest benefits of InMotion Hosting is that the company gives its customers options. That includes plenty of options for choosing the right hosting package for your website, blog, or business. And it includes support options. There’s nothing better than knowing you can reach your hosting company about a problem 24/7 in whatever way is most convenient for you. With InMotion Hosting, you get 24/7 phone support (which many hosts don’t offer), live online chat support, email support, and the ability to open a ticket on their website.

InMotion Hosting’s support department is also behind their other big perk; they truly try to educate and empower their customers. No one wants to feel completely dependent on their host. That can lead to them feeling trapped later if things go wrong. With InMotion Hosting, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been hosting websites for years or are brand new to Web development. The information you want and need is right at your fingertips. Here are some of the features that empower you as a customer:

  • On-site Q&As (ask or answer questions with fellow customers)
  • Online tutorials on anything from troubleshooting hosted email problems to learning about cPanel
  • An “education channel” that offers courses on both beginner and advanced topics
  • Online tools like a blacklist checker and favicon generator for your websites

If you want a hosting company that cares about its customers enough to help them learn, then InHosting could be a good fit for you. After all, if you want to grow your blog or online business website, you need to understand the basics so you can troubleshoot problems quickly if they occur.

InMotion Hosting Cons

Honestly, I haven’t found any serious cons for InMotion Hosting. Their prices aren’t the lowest around, but they certainly seem reasonable for what you get. The support options are better than most. And they have plenty of hosting options available, meaning you’re bound to find a hosting package that meets all of your needs and gives you the opportunity to grow without having to change hosts later. While I’m not currently in the market for a new host, if I were InMotion Hosting would be near the top of my list.

The only complaint I could see some folks having is the fact that shared hosting plans are more limited than most (as in you can’t host “unlimited” websites). But really that just means they aren’t overselling their space to the degree some other hosts are. So while it seems like a con on the surface, I see that as being more reliable and transparent with their customers. I suppose on the other hand, you could consider their “unlimited” shared disk space and bandwidth for those accounts a negative. If you want to know exactly what you’re getting, you might want to stick to the VPS or Dedicated plans.

In Conclusion

Overall, InMotion Hosting looks like one of the best options around right now. If you’re looking for a new Web hosting company, I strongly recommend giving their packages a look.

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Note: Information in this review was valid at the time of writing – December 2012. Prices may have since changed. Please visit the hosting company’s website for the most current information on pricing and features.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The author is not directly compensated by the inclusion of these links, and earns the same regardless of writing a positive or negative review. Web Hosting Directory prides itself on providing objective information and hosting reviews to help readers choose the best hosting provider for their needs.

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