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Are you looking for your first Web hosting company for your business, or maybe looking to move from an older shared hosting account? Moving to a new host can be a hassle, so you’ll want to find one that can grow with your business and hosting needs.

That’s where hosts like come in. They offer a wide range of managed hosting options so you can continually get the resources you need as those needs increase. And you can spend more of your own time focused on your business, letting KnownHost’s experts help you take care of the technical side of things.


Here are some of the features of KnownHost’s managed hosting packages.

Control Panel:With VPS and dedicated servers you can manage your accounts using cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin.

Uptime:KnownHost guarantees a network uptime of 99.9%. offers 365/24/7 support to customers through its forums, Helpdesk, and email. There doesn’t appear to be a published phone number for technical support.

Server Space Bandwidth per month Domains Allowed Price per Month
Shared Hosting
WebOne 2 GB 15 GB 5 $7 per mo (less with longer commitments)
WebTwo 5 GB 35 GB 10 $12 per mo (less with longer commitments)
Managed VPS
VS1 10 GB RAID-10 500 GB Unlimited $25 / mo
VS2 40 GB RAID-10 2500 GB Unlimited $35 / mo
VS3 60 GB RAID-10 3500 GB Unlimited $45 / mo
VS4 75 GB RAID-10 4500 GB Unlimited $65 / mo
VS5 90 GB RAID-10 5500 GB Unlimited $85 / mo
Managed Hybrid Servers
HY1 150 GB RAID-10 6500 GB Unlimited $110 / mo. (less with longer commitments)
HY2 175 GB RAID-10 7500 GB Unlimited $160 / mo (less with longer commitments)
Managed Dedicated Servers
DEDI-CP1 2 x 250 GB SATA-II 7000 GB Unlimited $49 setup + $199 / mo (or you can choose a $99 setup with $179 / mo)
DEDI-CP2 2 x 250 GB SATA-II 9000 GB Unlimited $49 setup + $229 / mo (or you can choose a $199 setup with $209 / mo)
DEDI-CP3 2 x 500 GB SATA-II 10,000GB Unlimited $49 setup + $259 / mo (or you can choose a $229 setup with $239 / mo)

KnownHost Pros

KnownHost offers a variety of hosting solutions which makes them ideal for growing businesses. You can start out on a shared plan or managed VPS, and later move to a hybrid server or dedicated server as your resource needs increase. They even handle these transfers and upgrades for you with no downtime for your websites.

The company is U.S.-based and they use three datacenters — in Texas, New Jersey, and California. They offer some of the more affordable VPS packages on the market, yet they provide the software you would expect — Virtuozzo, cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc.

As for support, the company prides itself on proactive measures to keep servers running smoothly (and I can tell you from experience with other hosts that this is extremely important). That means you won’t suffer with slow sites or downtime due to poor server maintenance.’s owner has personal experience with, and he has been very satisfied with their customer support.

KnownHost Cons

The biggest downside I’ve come across with is that they don’t advertise a technical support phone number or live chat. Personally I don’t like waiting for emails or forum posts for basic support inquiries from my hosting companies, and I prefer to speak to a live person. But if you’re alright with that, the 24/7 support that they do offer will probably satisfy most needs.

The only other downside I’ve come across is minor, and only applies to those customers looking to start with a shared hosting plan. While the company does offer shared hosting solutions, it’s not easy to find this information on the website. For example, while VPS, hybrid, and dedicated server information can be found right in the main navigation, you have to dig down to the bottom of the home page to see a mention of shared hosting accounts. And even then the information is hidden until you click the “Read more” link there. I can understand that shared hosting isn’t their primary service. But it would be nice to see this information advertised in a slightly clearer way for those looking for it.

In Conclusion

KnownHost is a definite contender for anyone who needs a VPS or dedicated server. With those, and hybrid, options available, they’re sure to have a managed hosting package that can meet all of your resource usage needs.

*Information in this review was valid at the time of writing – December 2012.

Disclaimer:This post contains affiliate links. The author is not directly compensated by the inclusion of these links, and earns the same regardless of writing a positive or negative review. Web Hosting Directory prides itself on providing objective information and hosting reviews to help readers choose the best hosting provider for their needs.

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